How it Works ?

Venues create events online, then Performers sign up for slots to perform. Venues and Performers can post their events on social media and invite guests to attend. Fans can now support their favorite local artists by knowing their exact time and place of the performance and even tip performers directly through the site.


Venues can now manage their shows by simply creating a profile, then create an event. Afterwards, the venue can invite performers to participate, and performers can apply to participate through site.

Create a Profile
Create an Event
Invite Performers
Book Performers
Promote event through Social Media
Manage the event

Create a Profile

create Series

Invite Performer

Book performer


Performers can now book their stage time in advance. No more sitting around and waiting for your chance. You can let your fans know exactly when you're performing next, grow your fan-base through the "Bite" feature, and receive tips through the site!

Create a Profile
Find an event
Book your time
Promote your show
Tell People to "Bite" you
Get paid through tips

Create a Profile

Get invitations for Events/Series

Book your Slot

Get confirmation


Now you can support your favorite Performers and Venues! You will have bragging rites and the ability to tell your friends "you saw them first". You can follow the careers of your favorite local performers and get push notifications whenever they're going to perform next.

Find a Performer or Event
Follow Performers or Venues through "Bites"
Support your local Performance community
Tip directly through your phone
Be the first to find the shows that no one knows about but wishes they did

Find a Performer Or show

get notification of performer's show

Give tips